Westport Police Athletic League-WPAL is a non-profit organization in Westport, CT. The Police Athletic League (PAL) has been serving the Westport community since 1948. Over 2000 boys and girls participate in Westport PAL youth athletic programs each ye

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Rugby is a favorite South African sport.
Westporter Steve Perkins was born there and wanted to find a club here for his son.

Deputy Police Chief Sam Arciola and Westport police officer Ned Batlin helped
Steve organize a rugby program, through the Westport PAL.
Westport’s Parks & Recreation Department also helped.


In the photo above, Steve’s son Ari Perkins (blue) battles Aspetuck, in U-14 action at Wakeman Field.

Hat tip:  to Dan Woog  for this coverage of  WPAL Rugby | 06880 Where Westport meets the world

Former Staples High School head rugby coach David Lyme grew the program into 3 teams:

Under 10 (non-contact), and U-12 and U-14 (full contact). Very quickly, the young Westporters have become formidable ruggers.

2022 PAL Rugby Coaches

Coach Neal Seidman. Head Coach Staples High School Rugby, President, and Head Coach Westport PAL Rugby.
Member of CT Yankees Men's Rugby Club, 1992 to present. 2004 Men's D2 National Champion

Coach Tony Nash, PAL Rugby, and Football Coach.
Coach Nash represented United States Rugby Internationally and brings to PAL Rugby thirty years of experience.

Each team will have a minimum of two coaches including an independent rugby coach allocated to each team
as well as one parent representative for each grade/age group.


Hopefully, the PAL ruggers will continue with the sport in the Staples program,
which currently fields 4 teams for nearly 100 players.

We encourage all who may be interested to join the youth rugby program and
become a part of growing rugby in Westport from the ground up.


If you know and enjoy the sport, please consider a donation to the PAL Rugby program.

Westport PAL is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under
section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code


Safety in Sports

• PAL Coaches teach safe tackling procedures, rugby is a safe sport, fun, and the ultimate in a team experience

Headgear ("Scrum caps") and mouth guards will be compulsory for all players. 
Brands to consider would be, Barnett, Elite Tek, and Cantebury amongst others.


Kids grade 4 and below will play rookie rugby which is a non-contact and continuous motion.


Respect and Good Sportsmanship are expected in all aspects of PAL programs.

PAL Head Coach Neil Seidman is also the Staples High school Rugby Head Coach. 
SHS now has four teams, more than any other sport



Rookie Rugby

Although rugby is indeed a competitive contact sport, it is a safe sport. 
 If you happen to be concerned about your child playing this sport without helmets and pads, you should be aware that initially,
we will be focusing on the rules of the game and what better way to learn than by playing Rookie Rugby


Rookie Rugby is USA Rugby's brand of flag rugby!
It is designed to give players a fun, safe, and exciting rugby experience.  
The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, and minimal equipment is needed!  Rookie Rugby is the non-contact version of rugby 
that has been developed for schools and communities to introduce their young athletes to a fun sport!
Play is free-flowing and continuous, with running, passing, and scoring!

Flag or two hand touch may be used, Rookie Rugby is designed for boys of all ages, and curriculums have been created for different age groups. 

Rookie Rugby promotes TEAMWORK, HEALTH and FITNESS, excellent SKILL, and FUN!!

Benefits of Rookie Rugby
Emphasis on continuous activity promotes health and wellness.  Enhances motor skill development encourages good sportsmanship!


Additional Registration Information
Prior to any contact or training:
All players must register with USA Youth & High School Rugby,
this is the governing body for all Youth and High School Rugby in the USA.