Westport Police Athletic League-WPAL is a non-profit organization in Westport, CT. The Police Athletic League (PAL) has been serving the Westport community since 1948. Over 2000 boys and girls participate in Westport PAL youth athletic programs each ye

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Westport PAL Football Mission


The Westport PAL Football mission is to create and administer a program that provides opportunities for Westport & Weston youth to learn and play football in an age-appropriate, fun and safe environment. Our primary goal is to cultivate a love for football, in every participant, with a focus on preparing him or her to play and be successful at the next level. 


Our prevailing philosophy is based on a belief in the guiding principles to prioritize broad skill and multi-sport athletic development, teamwork and sportsmanship over winning.  The program's philosophy will establish, guide and support a culture in which ALL coaches accept the program's mission and a resolute commitment to reinforcing its goals.  All Board members, coaches and program volunteers serve as role models, and accept responsibility for creating an environment which emphasizes teaching the core values of hard work, respect and inclusion, commitment and perseverance, responsibility and accountability, family and community.