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by posted 05/03/2021

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Westport PAL Girls Lacrosse

Dear 8A,

Practices & Games - week of 5/2/21

Hello!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  


  • Tuesday 5/4, 6 - 7:30pm @ Ginny Parker Field 

  • Thursday 5/6, 6 -7:30 pm @ Ginny Parker Field

  • Friday 5/7, 5:30 -7pm @ Ginny Parker Field (this is a scheduled practice and not an optional clinic as it was in the past)

Games (2 home games!)

  • Saturday 5/8, 3:15 - 4:15pm @ Ginny Parker Field  vs Wilton 8A

  • Sunday 5/9, 12:15 - 1:15pm @ Ginny Parker Field vs Fairfield 8A


**Time to sign up!!

We need volunteers for both home games this weekend!!

Please use this link to volunteer for time keeping & scoring for home games!!



Wed 5/5 Freshman - Vs. Fairfield - 4pm @ Ginny Parker 

Thurs 5/6 Varsity - Vs. Guilford - 4pm @ Ginny Parker

Now you can catch all the Staples HS Varsity GLAX action, as all games (home and away) are now being live streamed. Here is the link: Live games and previously recorded games are all listed on the link. Please note this is for Westport families only.

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8A Weekly Update 4/26/21
by posted 04/26/2021

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Westport PAL Girls Lacrosse

Dear 8A,

Practices & Games - week of 4/25/21


Hello!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We have an adjustment to our practice schedule on Tuesday this week - please note the parent meeting time change as well.



  • Tuesday 4/27, 6:30 - 8pm @ Ginny Parker Field (7:45 - 8pm is parents meeting with Coach Kara)

  • Thursday 4/29, 6 -7:30 pm @ Ginny Parker Field

  • Friday 4/30, 5:30 -7pm @ Ginny Parker Field (this is a scheduled practice and not an optional clinic as it was in the past)

Games (2 home games!)

  • Saturday 5/1, 3:15 - 4:15pm @ Ginny Parker Field  vs Darien 8B

  • Sunday 5/2, 12:15 - 1:15pm @ Ginny Parker Field vs RELAX 8


Time to sign up!!

We need a volunteer for this Sunday’s home game.

Please use this link to volunteer for time keeping & scoring for home games!!


RSVP Emails 

Please make sure you are replying to these system RSVP emails! We always use these to get an accurate headcount for practices and games! 


COVID Quarantines  Please remember that if a school nurse directs your player to quarantine from school, she CANNOT attend sports practices/games during that time. Please alert in these instances.


Thanks and have a great week!!  Go Westport!!


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8A Intro Email
by posted 04/23/2021


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Welcome to the 8A Westport PAL Girls Lacrosse 2021 Season!

Dear 8A,

It’s a pleasure and honor to be coaching your daughter and this fantastic group of girls this spring! I wanted to take a moment to let you know about our team’s goals, our coaching staff’s philosophy, team rules, and review key tools for navigating the season. 

There is a lot of information below - Please print it out and take a few minutes to read all the way through!

If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to email me at . PLEASE read through the following, and please be sure to RSVP for everything! It can make or break a line-up!. 



  • Team Parent meeting

  • Coach introduction

  • Coach and program philosophy and goals

  • Equipment

  • Playing time, positions and attendance at the7/8 A level

  • Goalie 

  • RSVP System

  • Schedule and Practice Information / How To Access Your Team Page

  • Weather Cancellations


PARENT MEETING - Tuesday 4/27 @ 7:30

We will have a team meeting for parents next Tuesday April 27th after practice at 7:30.  We’ll meet on the right side of the bleachers (when facing the field). The purpose is for introductions as well as to answer any questions you may have! Happy to help with anything lacrosse related! Please follow all Covid protocols for mask wearing and staying socially distanced.


BIOS - Our assistant coaches are Briana Proudfoot and Jake Watkins. Both coaches bring motivating energy and experience to the field every practice and game. This is Briana’s first year coaching in Westport but she previously coached 3 seasons of youth lacrosse in Monroe and has played her whole life. Briana is a fabulous role model for young players and enjoys passing along her enthusiasm and confidence to players who value lacrosse as much as she does. Jake is one of the parent coaches and has been coaching with PAL, girls and boys, for the last 8 years! He is a lacrosse enthusiast and loves supporting and pushing the girls to be better from the sideline!

I have been coaching with PAL since 2016. Previously, I grew up playing lacrosse through high school in Branford. I played for Sacred Heart Women’s club lacrosse team throughout my college career. I have head Co-Coached the team since graduating in 2017. I strive to be a positive role model for the girls on and off the field. In addition, I take pride in teaching the girls skills and helping them improve to be the best players they can be!




VALUES - On 8A we value hard work and focus, being a team player, learning, challenging our limits both physical and mental, building confidence, and being the best version of ourselves, on and off the field. 

PLAYING TIME - At the 8A level we are preparing the girls for high school lacrosse. We aim to give the girls equal playing time across the season as long as the girls are following team rules and guidelines for being a good team member: Attendance, Attitude and Aptitude. Players who are more successful in all areas may receive more playing time in competitive games. Other players may receive more playing time in less competitive games. All players will play at least 5 minutes per half. 

POSITIONS - To prepare the girls for the most success in high school we will play them in the positions the coaches deem best suited for them and for the team. This doesn’t always match the positions they prefer, or where other teams may have placed them. 

If players have questions about their playing time or position, please encourage them to reach out to me. I’ll be happy to talk with them and explain why they are where they are, and what they can do to work toward earning more playing time. 


SKILLS TARGETS for 7/8A - By the end of the season, I expect each player to be proficient at all aspects of the game at their position. They should know all the fundamentals of lacrosse, including attack and defensive team strategies.  If they are not, they need to be spending more time on skill work outside of pr

PHILOSOPHY - As a youth coach, I believe in supporting players through explicit instruction, motivation, and modeling. I think it is important for players to strive to put forth their best effort to be a better player, teammate, and individual supported by a strong passion for the game . Above other things, I expect players to be advocates for themselves and teammates, competitive, enthusiastic, and focused while on the field. 


Required for practices and games:


  • Pinnie 

  • Turf shoes/cleats

  • Eye guard

  • Mouth guard - must be colored (no white or see through)

  • Lacrosse stick

  • Water

  • Weather appropriate clothing (gloves, hats, rain jacket, long warm pants, multiple layers, etc)

  • NO JEWELRY is allowed on the lacrosse field. Taped earrings are not allowed per US Lacrosse rules.

  • Fitted mask


For grass fields, girls should wear cleats - soccer cleats are fine, or the deeper turf shoes. On turf, girls can wear sturdy sneakers, cleats or turfs of any kind. Our Coaching Director, Amy, is happy to answer any questions about sticks, goggles or any lacrosse gear,




Practice Schedule: 

8A team practice 3x a week. Please reference your team’s web page for your practice schedule by clicking here: SCHEDULE. The closing of grass fields or Staples Lacrosse games on Ginny Parker will cause shifts to the schedule and may affect your practice location so be sure to check emails and your schedule.


Arrival/Pick-up time:  Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for all practices and 45 minutes early for all games. Warm-ups begin 30 prior to the game start. Girls should be READY TO START = girls are dressed, goggles on, mouthguards in and ready to warm-up. 

Please be on time to pick up your daughter after practice or make alternate arrangements for pickup. Your daughter cannot be left alone with only one coach. The coaches will wait until all girls are picked up.

Schedule/Team info/Website: Please familiarize yourself with your team page.  

  1. On our website, click on TEAM in the top banner.  Choose your team, i.e. PAL Lacrosse 2021 > Travel > Team name.  

  2. In the left hand menu choose SCHEDULE.  

  3. On this page go to “Options” and select “Calendar Feed” to add your schedule to your personal electronic calendar.    


Fields: Please Keep The Field Clean. We will ask all of the players to help clean up the field after each practice and game. Players will be asked to collect clothing, pick up balls/cones and to make sure all water bottles are removed from the field. 




Practice is ON unless you receive a system notification.  Practice changes will also be posted to your team page. Practice is only cancelled if there is lightning in the area or if temperatures are below freezing. We will try to send notifications by 2pm each day, but the coaches may make the call at the field if the weather changes. Please check your email often if there is questionable weather in the area.

Please note:  Westport Parks and Rec is responsible for the fields and may close the grass fields. If we have a turf field or indoor space available, we may move the practice.



Two days before every scheduled game and practice you will receive an RSVP notification from Westport PAL that you always need to respond to - it only takes a few seconds!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.45.55 AM.png


Click YES or NO to indicate if you are coming. Please do this for every game. Coaches will use this to plan starting lineups and game strategy so your participation is extremely valuable. 




In addition to the RSVP system described above, please email your Head Coach, ASAP, to let her know of any absences or late arrival/early dismissal plans. Head coach emails can be found on your Team Page. Excused absences include school, religion, family and health. Anyone arriving late/leaving early may receive a partial deduction on their attendance. Unexcused or uncommunicated absences may result in less playing time.  


Commitment, Attendance and Communication:  PAL Lacrosse is a big supporter of playing multiple sports and we strongly believe players should not choose one sport to play, especially at a young age. Many of our coaches played 2 and 3 sports through high school and college and understand the challenges you and your daughters face as many sports increasingly become a year round commitment. However, in our prime spring season, we expect lacrosse to be put first over other sports and activities. Players are expected to attend 100% of team events including practices, games, team meetings, team dinners, program events (ie special Staples Varsity games) unless indicated as optional.


Playing Time: Playing time in the PAL girls program is given equally through the 6th grade level.  At the A team and 7/8 levels we may play some players more in tougher games and make up the time for other players in less competitive games. Everyone will play in every half. Playing time could be affected based on attendance (as described above) and unsportsmanlike behavior or actions outside of the PAL code of conduct.


Positions: We encourage players to try and play multiple positions, especially in 3rd-6th grades. Not until 6th grade or later will most players start to specialize - as the coach sees fit. In 7th and 8th players can expect to play wherever their coach deems them best suited or most needed for the team. 




Goalie is arguably the most important position on the field and the player must be very athletic. If there is not a designated goalie for your team, all girls will play goalie for at least ½ of a game during the season in a coach assigned rotation. If your daughter shows a talent OR an interest in the position, we encourage YOU to encourage HER in this position. Goalies are in high demand and well respected all through the lacrosse community. Don’t hold her back because of a lack of understanding of a goalie’s role.


Coaching Staff: Our coaching staff is on the field with your daughter because we love this game and sharing our knowledge and love of the sport with your daughters! We aim to build confidence, teach sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for opponents and refs and help girls find joy and life lessons on the lacrosse field. Our coaches will keep the girls safe and ensure that every one of them has a positive experience.

All PAL girls lacrosse coaches have taken several hours of formal training including Positive Coaching Alliance, Concussion Training, CONNY Lacrosse Rules Test, CPR and First Aid, and a background check.

Some teams have high school players assisting. These girls love giving back and strive to be strong role models for your daughter to look up to. They share their love of playing and the dedication and commitment it takes to excel, face challenges and come out on top. They also share the unequaled joy and excitement in being a part of a team, working together to bring out the best in themselves and one another.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to address the coaches.  We encourage the girls to speak with coaches on their own behalf.  However, if you still would like to speak to the coach, it is best to email them to arrange a time that works for you to speak.  Please do not interrupt a practice or game for a personal conversation. 




Have Fun - We want the girls to have a great time playing lacrosse! Lacrosse is known as "the fastest game on two feet" for a reason. Every player has the opportunity to create plays and make major contributions to the team. Our job is to make sure the players learn to love the game and they can only do that by enjoying both practice time and the games.

Be A Great Teammate / Good Sport - This is one of the core beliefs of the PAL program. Being a great teammate and showing good sportsmanship is required of all of us, parents included. We will teach the kids how to be great teammates, to encourage each other, to compete with 100% effort and to win or lose as a team and with class. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated at any time.

Play Hard - We expect 100% from the girls every time they take the field. Working hard is not mutually exclusive from having fun, and in fact usually the opposite is true. Coaches will never get on a player for making a bad throw, dropping a pass or making a bad play. What we will be less tolerant of is walking on the field in games or practices and not giving a full effort.

Learn The Fundamentals - Every player, whether at the 3/4th grade, 8th or at the collegiate level has to focus on fundamentals every day. The more practice they can do at home the better as stick skills are essential to their success. As the season starts out there are going to be a lot of errant passes, dropped balls and scrums around ground balls. It can be frustrating for the players but it is all part of the learning process. Please encourage your players to persevere as they learn the game. You cannot become a good lacrosse player without good stick skills.

Fundamentals Progression - We will focus every week on the fundamentals of catching and throwing, picking up ground balls, cradling/stick protection and the basics of how to play offense and defense. As the season progresses we will add more in terms of team offense and defense.

Important Note - It is critical to remember (please remind your child) that picking up ground balls and being able to make a pass is the most important part of the game. More often than not it is the player that does the little things that truly helps her team win a game as opposed to the player that puts the ball in the back of the net. Being a hard worker and a team player is far more important than scoring or winning.




Please be a positive influence from the sideline. We ask you to cheer on your daughter and her teammates.  

  • Cheer for everyone!  

  • Use positive words of encouragement!

  • Please refrain from coaching from the sidelines (we have paid coaches to do that :). 

Please note, parents are not allowed on the field or team sideline during practices or games unless they are keeping score, timing or are an official assistant. 


Thank you for taking the time to read through this email and check out the website. If you have any questions at any time please contact me at  

We look forward to a great season!


Kara Doyle

Head Coach, 8A Coach

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